Today Wrecked Me

You would think after time you could get use to seeing desperate people that need help. Melissa and I picked up a couple from the motel this morning to begin the process of finding shelter for both of them. Yesterday, this young lady was discharged from the hospital after having a beautiful little girl. DHS took the baby leaving the young lady very desperate for help. We were able to financially help with a motel for one night.

We walked in the room this morning listening to every word they both were saying and realizing how lost in this cycle of life. You could see that both of them had been thrown from place to place their whole life. It was hard for me to realize that they had noone, nothing, and not a dime to their name. No support, no home, and no family. Wanting badly to stay in
our community to be able to see her baby, they did not want to leave to get help. She had no clothes, no shoes, NOTHING!

Only thing she had was the gown on her back...I was worried because she was a diabetic and needs attention. She did have her medicine, but no food to stabilize her situation.

My thought that wrecked me the most: WE NEED A BUILDING! WE NEED THE MONEY TO ACCOMPLISH what God wants us to do in this community in Shawnee!  I cried for quit a while today because we want so badly to show those in need the love of Christ. Really help them get on their feet. This family needs a break! What can we do? What can we say? What can we give to really make a difference??

We let them off at the library with no where to go. NO house, no money, HOMELESS! You never get use to this. They have no voice, but I realize we do.